Rose Water Hair & Facial Spray


Luxurious 500mg of CBD infused rosewater may restore skin’s pH balance immediately and provide anti-aging benefits. It may naturally hydrate and refresh skin and hair. This alcohol-free toner may improve skin tone while calming irritation. With daily use, this rosewater may moisturize, improve clarity, fight acne and contribute to a more beautiful, radiant skin tone and hair health. For all skin types.

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What Is It: A facial rose water spray toner to calm and even out skin tone. CBD oil promotes wrinkle-free and fights acne. Promotes health hair which enhances growth.

How To Use: Hold bottle 3 inches away from face and/or hair and spritz lightly. Pat rose water in skin and/or hair. Let it absorb. Do Not get in eyes

Key Benefits: Skin toner. Calms irritated skin. Fights wrinkles and acne. Promotes an even skin tone.


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