Push-Up Relief Balm


This convenient and portable “All Over Balm” goes wherever you do. 300 mg of CBD Hemp Oil is a mess-free glide-on that may quickly offer relief and hydrate skin.

2.5 fl oz



What Is It: An all over push -up Body Balm for on spot pain relief. Quickly relives pain. A custom-blend of Shea Butter, Eucalyptus and 300 mg of Hemp Oil provide hydration and moisturizes skin.

How To Use: Rub on or glide across any part of the body that needs direct attention to pain

Key Benefits: Quickly works on direct pain. Portable. TSA-friendly

1 review for Push-Up Relief Balm

  1. 2C CannaHealth and Wellness

    My neck was bothering me all day (I had c%-7 fusion and discectomy). The muscle relaxer weren’t working but that stick sure did! I had her put some on my posterior neck to mid scapula area and I was pain free and asleep within 10 minutes after taking baclofen and Celebrex all day. We both love the product! My neck is better due to the stick!! Sue Latoni

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