Small Bath Bombs


Feel an instant Spa-Like environment with our 100 mg of CBD infused bath bomb

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What Is It: An effervescent moisturizing 100 mg CBD oil bath bomb for baths, used for muscle and joint pain relief that helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Softens skin.

How To Use: Fill tub with warm water, remove plastic wrap, use all or portion of bomb. Drop bomb in to water before getting in. Soak.

Scent Type: Yellow = Flow; Green = Happiness; Lavendar = Hope; Blue = Relax; Orange = Success


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Small Bath Bombs

$5.99 each or 4 for $20.00

2 reviews for Small Bath Bombs

  1. 2C CannaHealth and Wellness

    Can you please get me some more of those balls for the tub. I’m paying for them. ~A Cancer patient

  2. 2C CannaHealth and Wellness

    I love these bath bombs. Puts me right to sleep after a hot bath. I need to order more. Dena

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